Our History

PALMAS DEL CESAR S.A.  Was founded in 1960. Its creation was the result of the forward looking vision of a group of Santanderian businessmen who believed that African palm was a promising crop capable of generating progress and development in the region.

A pioneer in this important agricultural field and one of the first commercial African palm plantations in the country, the company began its activities initially covering only 500 hectares under the name of Hipinlandia.

With the support of governmental entities and the drive and tenacity of its founders, the company was able to confront and overcome the enormous technological and infrastructure limitations existing at that time.

Around the middle of the 70s, a new stage of the company was begun tripling in size to 1,500 hectares, improving its facilities and reorganizing itself administratively.

Palmas Del Cesar is an anonymous society in which the Board of Directors draws up the guidelines that govern the company’s fortunes, thereby interpreting the will of its shareholders.

The organization has created the necessary conditions that have allowed it to adapt to changes and new developments in the area thanks to an administrative philosophy suited to the demands imposed by the modern business world. Executives, advisers, engineers, technologists in different specialties, qualified personnel and field workers, money extractor and general services all make up a large family that every day faces the challenges of a better tomorrow by seeding the present with its labor force and with its unwavering commitment to fully complying with its multiple responsibilities.

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